Artist Hilariously Re-Imagines 16 World Leaders As Hipsters

Have you ever imagined what Queen Elizabeth would look like with a hippy hairstyle and her very own gold statement ‘Queen’ necklace?

Or what Nelson Mandela would look like with his ear pierced?

Either way you probably never thought you’d see these influential world leaders out of their ordinary respectable clothing and appearance.

Well thanks to illustration artist Amit Shimoni we can now see these 16 very important people in a whole new light.

His amazing new series of drawings, fittingly titled ‘Hipstory’, sees the likes of John F. Kennedy and Margaret Thatcher as total free spirits.

We absolutely love it!

We can only dream that these amazing makeovers will somehow happen in real life.

For now, take a look at Amit’s hilarious yet very impressive take on all these world leaders as hipsters.

1. John F. Kennedy


John F. Kennedy’s hipster quiff and piercings are our new favourite thing!