At 120 Pounds Of Pure F*cking Awesome, This Woman Just Broke An Insane Eating Record

Molly Schuyler just ate THREE 72oz steak dinners in 20 mins… crushing the record

Molly Schuyler just ate THREE 72oz steak dinners in 20 mins... crushing the record

Molly Schuyler is a mother of four, weighing in at just 120 pounds.

Why does her weight matter? Well, it doesn’t really — it’s just a good way to gauge the incredible feat her body just went through for its relative size.

She just ate THREE 72oz. steak dinners.

In 20 minutes.

Just so you know, when I say “steak dinners” I totally don’t mean just steaks. I also mean three baked potatoes, three shrimp cocktails, three salads and three rolls in ADDITION to the massive steaks at The Big Texan Steak Ranch. Damn.

Here’s what Bobby Lee, co-owner of the eatery, had to say:

We’ve seen a lot of things come through these doors but Molly … she takes the cake … she takes lots and lots of cake.

The original challenge begs you to eat just one of the meals in 60 minutes — just so it’s free.

The original challenge begs you to eat just one of the meals in 60 minutes -- just so it's free.

Molly finished her first of the dinners in just 4 minutes, 18 seconds. She crushed the restaurant’s record of 4:58 by 40 seconds.

Oh, and did we mention that she set THAT record on May 26, 2014? Because she did. Last year she ate two of the meals in 15 minutes.

Normally if you sign up for the challenge, it would cost you $72 if you fail to eat it in the allotted hour. We bet Molly didn’t even bother to bring her wallet.

What she left with, though, was almost 15 extra pounds! Each of the dinners weighs just under 5 pounds. Let that sink in — she walked in at 120 pounds and left right around 135. DAMN. How can that be safe?? I know nothing of the science behind it.

What I do know is that 4 teams were brought in to compete against her for the $1000 prize for being the fastest. According to the Amarillo Globe News her opponents were:

Amarillo Venom football players Undra Hendrix and Nate Davis; professional wrestlers Chad Thomas and Jason Erra; former West Texas A&M football players Keith Null and Emory Atterberry; and a randomly drawn team of JJ Rinne and Sarah Hogancap.

Holy crap. A bunch of giant FOOTBALL PLAYERS? What did Molly have to say about that? This:

They would have had to eat their half in like four minutes. If you’re not used to doing this, four minutes is hard.


In total, she won $5,000 for demolishing all that food in under an hour. She even got that “fastest” prize of $1,000.

So, $6k. She made six thousand dollars.

Wanna know something even crazier?

She took a bite of a fourth steak.

She only decided to stop because the taste was getting to her… not because she was full. Insanity. She thinks a 4th meal is totally doable if she can get over that hurdle, but she thinks 5 would be near impossible, though, and we think she might be right.

Congrats, Molly!

No word on if she’s broken the record for longest trip to the bathroom yet.