Attractive Ryan-Gosling-Look-A-Like With Mediocre Improv Skills In Awful Hamburglar! (Video)

What is this nonsense, McDonalds?

Ba da da da, I’m not loving it.

We reported earlier how McDonalds decided to reincarnate their old character the Hamburglar who used to look like the Mad Magazine kid, and turn him into a hipster that might eat at McDonalds ironically before drinking excessive amounts of PBR.

Well, now the Golden Arches are coming out with “sketches,” and I use the term “sketch” very, very loosely here, where the Hamburglar addresses “America.”

In the above video, the Hamburglar keeps getting interrupted by the old ball and chain Mrs. Hamburglar, who apparently the burger thief is throwing a birthday party for.

She’s suspicious, as she should be. Heck, she married a guy with the last name of Hamburglar. Who wouldn’t?

Here’s what we can take away from the new Hamburglar video: he lies to his wife about where he is. Sounds like a real healthy relationship.

Then again, how healthy could it be… this guy steals and eats from Mickie D’s on the reg.