Beijing Sees Blue Skies For the First Time In Years After Banning Five Million Cars

Just last month, Beijing imposed restrictions on factory production and car usage. According to Metro UK, more than five million cars were forced to drive on alternate days, leading up to the 70th year of Japans World War II defeat on September 3rd. What does five million less cars in the city mean? Clear blue skies.

Beijings skyline is normally shrouded in polluted smoke coming from the cars and factories. The days leading to the anniversary, construction was temporarily halted, factory production was stopped, and a odd-even car ban was imposed. Because of this, residents were able to enjoy two weeks of blue skies and clean air.

The day after the celebration, the ban was lifted once again and its immediately back to gray skies. Worse, the air quality index hit up to 160 a level that is adversely dangerous to ones health, according to the US Environment Protection Agency.

Its sad that the residents were only to experience vibrant blue skies almost once in their life. This is a bitter reminder to all of us about the dire effects air pollution poses to our health and environment.