Best Hairstyles For An Interview

So you have a big interview coming up. Congratulations! Depending on your degree and career aspirations, you may be interviewing with a firm, corporate office, or another major corporation. You’re most likely excited but are a bundle of nerves! But you don’t have to be nervous because you’ve got this. Be sure to do your research on the company, do a pretend interview with a friend to get you prepared, and pick out the perfect outfit. Your outfit should be classy, yet unique.

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Now, all you need to do is plan out your hair. Except, you have no idea what hairstyle to wear! Whether you have long hair or short hair, an appropriate interview hairstyle is within your reach. Your hairstyle should be classy and sophisticated, as opposed to aggressively trendy. The important thing to remember is to keep your hair out of your eyes or if you would prefer to wear it down, to pin part of it back. No interviewer wants to watch an interviewee continue to push their bangs behind their ears every minute!

Depending on your hair length there are different kinds of hairstyles to consider. Below are a few to give you some ideas before your big interview. You may even want to do a “test run” with your hair before the big day so you won’t be running around like crazy if your hair doesn’t turn out how you’d like it to look. Believe it or not but this happens, so be prepared to expect the unexpected. It never hurts to be over prepared!

Here is a list of the best hairstyles to rock that interview:

1. A Low Ponytail

You may be curious why a high ponytail is not on the sub-heading. That’s because a low ponytail is classier, whereas a high ponytail is seen more like a fun, playful look. Find an easy, comfortable way to make your low ponytail look more polished by wrapping a piece of your hair around the ponytail to cover the elastic, or placing a professional hair accessory on the top of your ponytail to hide the elastic. Just make sure the hair accessory is basic and not overly large or flashy.

2. Top Knot

A top knot is your hair gathered into a bun, except it’s on the top of your head. A top knot is an excellent way to keep all of your hair out of your eyes during an interview, and it also looks very polished with a contemporary silhouette. If you’re not familiar with how to wear a top knot use a smoothing serum to get rid of all of those flyaways. Then gather up all of your hair and make a high ponytail. Secure with an elastic band. Next you can either use a hair donut or use another band to create a bun. Simply twist your hair and wrap it around your bobby pin. For loose hairs, you can use a bobby pin to secure them in place. With a hair donut, you will have a more voluminous hair bun that’ll still look fantastic for your interview.

3. Half Up, Half Down

Depending on what type of company you are interviewing with, a half up, half down hairstyle is chic and easy to style your hair this way. Either curl or straighten your hair before gathering the top layer of your hair to pull it half up. You can either secure each side with a few bobby pins and pin your hair on the back of your head or completely gather the top layer of hair and put it in a band. If you are going for a job in the fashion industry, for example, then an edgy half up, half down hairstyle is okay. Backcomb the top layer of your tresses before gathering them to the back of your head for a voluminous hairstyle.

4. Waterfall Braid

If you want to leave your hair down and show off your long tresses, there’s a hairstyle that’ll allow you to leave your hair down and keep your bangs back simultaneously. This romantic braid has a whimsical feel to it, so if you’re trying to score a creative job, this may be the perfect interviewing hairstyle for you. To get the waterfall braid look you drape pieces of your hair back and forth; that look similar to a French braid. At first it may appear to be more challenging than it is but don’t worry! You can style your hair in a waterfall braid with helpful hair tutorials.

5. Easy Updo With an Elastic Hairband

Updos typically look challenging, and that’s because they are! However, there’s a two-minute updo you can put together before your interview by only using a headband! Find an elastic hairband that will fit around the crown of your head. Make sure it’s not too tight because you really don’t want to have a headache during your job interview! Also, make sure it’s not too loose because you don’t want your updo falling out mid-interview either. After placing the hair elastic on your head like a crown, roll the length of your hair and twist it up. Then tuck your hair into the headband until all of your hair is secure. Finally, tuck the sides of your hair into the elastic and that’s it; you’re done!

6. Side Braid

Impress your potential employers with a beautiful side braid. If you already know how to French braid, this type of hairstyle should be easy for you to style your hair in on your big interview day. Choose whether you’d like a French braid or inside out French braid. Then part your hair on the side and begin your French braid on one side of your head. Continue to braid your hair to the side until you reach the bottom; don’t forget to gather your hair from behind your head to create a stunning side braid that’s classy and beautiful. Not only will it work for your interview, but you can go out and have some fun with this hairstyle afterwards!

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So remember, sure, a good resume and interview skills are critical to your success, but let’s be honest. You will be making a first impression the moment you sit down in the reception area and soon after when you meet them and shake their hands. If your appearance is lacking, that’s already one strike against you as you head into your interview. The last thing you want is for your interviewers to think back and think of you as the person who had a messy hairstyle and who’s outfit was not well thought out.

During your interview if you find that nerves are starting to get the best of you, take deep breaths and remember to be yourself. The interviewers don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to come with a few excellent questions to ask, as well as knowledge about their company. Ask questions, remember the details about your past job experience that qualifies you for the job, and you’ll pass with flying colors.

So get ready for your interview knowing you look polished and well put together. The company who is interviewing you is going to believe you’re professional looking and the perfect fit for the job!