Breakfast Cereal Banned From Zimbabwe Schools After Students Use It To Brew Beer

In Zimbabwe, breakfast cereal has been banned from some schools because students were using it to brew opaque beer. According to reports, three schools in Bulawayo had warned parents that cereal and oats made of sorghum would be seized when term started on Tuesday.

According to school, the pupils used the cereal with yeast and brown sugar, and ferment the mixture in the sun, creating an alcoholic drink that is very potent. Tennyson Hlabangana High School notified parents that the oatmeal porridge and Morvite powdered cereal will not be allowed at the school. A parent said that they got messages advising them not to purchase Morvite when purchasing groceries for their kids.

Michael Dube, a local chemist, said that the illicit brew can pose a serious health risk to the kids. The beer may have high levels of alcohol, which may be a threat to the childrens health. He further said that the high alcohol levels can damage body organs such as the kidneys and liver.