Bundy Hoax Exposed: Full Video Of Cliven Bundys Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government


Below you are two videos, the first video is the original video the NY Times edited to make their racist news report against Cliven Bundy. The second video is the NY Times Version Of how they want you to view Cliven Bundy.

Funny how even the NY Times edits (Government Censors) their videos to fit there progressive agenda. All of this to give a old rancher a black eye because he is standing up for his constitutional rights as an American citizen. Chicago style politics at its best.

You be the judge as Bundy explains how we need to keep things from going backwards for blacks, and how the Federal government has created a sort of neo-slave class via entitlement dependency that is so bad it is arguably worse than plantation slavery was.

Cliven Bundy is not saying that blacks should be slaves picking cotton, but that the Federal government has created conditions for them so terrible, that their current situation may actually be worse. If you watch these videos, you will see hes not blaming blacks for the issues of abortions, and crime and broken families, hes blaming the Feds.

Isnt this the exact opposite of a racist, this is an advocate for the welfare and best interests of blacks. And just as importantly at the end of the video he gives passionate praise and defense of hispanic illegal aliens, lauding them for better family structures than most white peoples Yet mainstream media labels Cliven Bundy Racist?

Now watch the edited version from the NY Times, Cliven Bundy questioned whether black Americans were better off as slaves or better off under government subsidy. His remarks in this video initially appeared in a New York Times article on April 23.

Mr Bundy was only trying to say that the progressive welfare state has shackled the black community in ways that have been more harmful to the black families and communities than was going on in the times of slavery. He certainly was not advocating slavery. It was perhaps not the best or wisest articulation or choice of comparisons but Bundy is not a racist.

This is the same mainstream media that people defend and claim to be Credible ?