Can You Be Stupid and Successful With The Right Attitude?

Intelligence seems to be the ultimate metric for success, after all would Bill Gates be the billionaire philanthropist he is today if he had trouble deciphering computo-language or whatever computers understand? Or, would Warren Buffet have an entire financial effect named after him if he wasn’t brilliant at money-ing? Chin up though my stupid friend there is hope for people like us that have a hard time opening child-proof containers; apparently I.Q. isn’t the only thing that is important for success, it’s also a matter of attitude.

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Challenge Accepted

flying businessman

Dude, I know you’re ambitious but you can’t fly no matter how hard you try.


I know, you have always been envious of people that can effortlessly tie their shoes, negating the need for unsightly Velcro strapped tennis shoes. Instead of giving up though and embracing the convenience of Velcro, you concentrated your efforts on learning to tie your shoes with the same grace and swiftness the majority of the population enjoys. After spending hours in your scritchy-scratchy emotional foot prison, you would go home and scour the internet for how-to manuals, you would stay up in the wee-hours of the morning tying and un-tying your shoes relentlessly. And that faithful day came, when you could tie your shoe with the same ease an 8 year old does. That relentless need to achieve and willingness to challenge yourself is much more valuable for success than humdrum intellect. A willingness to accept challenge (and in some cases pursue challenge for the sake of self-growth) is a much more significant asset than intellect itself.

The Feedback Phenomena

dumb businessman

I can’t heeeeear you! I can’t heeeeear you!


Another crucial component of personal growth is feedback. Remember back when you were a teenager and your mother would yell at you for eating dirt? Well, that is a form of feedback and although you enjoyed eating dirt, potting soil being your favorite for its rich flavor and fluffy texture, your mom told you that eating dirt is not socially acceptable, and you in turn stopped doing it. That self-correcting behavior is crucial for success, or more specifically the ability to take feedback constructively instead of disregarding it as criticism is important for success. Transversely if you are so confident in your intellect that you approach all feedback as negative and refuse to adapt to criticism then you have the perfect recipe for failure.

Darwin Theory

darwin theory

darwin theory of evolution


You’re probably unfamiliar with a certain bearded fellow named Darwin (as we’ve established you aren’t at the apex of the evolutionary pyramid), but in short, he was an old-timey guy that observed how species evolved and how animals adapted to their surroundings. Although Darwin probably didn’t actually say it: ““It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” is a valuable lesson for success. In application, instead of attributing failure to a myriad of other external factors, accept your failure and use it as an opportunity to assess your deficiencies and adapt to those factors that ultimately made you fail.

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