Can You Guess What Diet Pepsi Is Officially Taking Out Of Their Recipe?

Diet Pepsi will never be the same!

PepsiCo is taking a huge risk and changing their formula for one of their products: Diet Pepsi.

They’re not changing up much, they’re just swapping out the artificial sweetener. And only in the U.S.! PepsiCo will continue to use aspartame in products sold internationally.

The company has seen Diet Pepsi sales drop, and their consumer surveys show it’s mainly because of the presence of aspartame.

Americans are cutting back on their diet soda intake, mainly out of fear of aspartame. Even though the FDA say it’s totally safe, people still have a feeling “fake sugar” just can’t be all that good for you.

This whole thing is kinda ridiculous for several reasons.

Artificial sweeteners have been heavily studied for decades and are all FDA approved to be safe for human consumption. (Which is why Diet Coke isn’t changing their formula!)

Though, recent research has shown there are links between diet soda drinking and obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

So basically, Aspartame and Sucralose are equally safe to consume, and are equally potentially not so great for your health. Also, soda in general isn’t good for you.

So instead of arguing over which fake chemical to drop in your sweet, fizzy beverage, maybe just try a glass of water?

The aspartame free Diet Pepsi starts shipping in August, so you Diet Pepsi fans out there might want to start stocking up now. Or you know, just cut back on soda.