Cara Delevingne Steps Away From Modeling Career

Rumors have been circulating that Supermodel Cara Delevingne has decided to step away from her modeling career. Delevingne was dropped from her modeling agency, Storm Models and was recently removed from the agencys official website. The 22-year-old British Supermodel has decided to shift her career into full time acting. She stated that her modeling career has been put on the back burner for a while.

[It] has definitely become more on the back burner just because theres no way I can work as much as I have been. I mean, every day of my last couple of years, Ive been modeling and now, Ive just been doing films.

Cara Delevingne will be starring in the upcoming book turned film, Paper Towns. The model will also star alongside Rooney Mara and Hugh Jackman in Pan and is currently filming Suicide Squad. She told Vogue Magazine that she enjoys what acting has to offer and that it is the complete opposite of posing for the camera.

The thrill of acting is making a character real. Modeling is the opposite of real. Its being fake in front of the camera.

Delevingne goes on to say that she just doesnt understand the fashion industry anymore. Shes ready to embark on a new career journey, even if it means leaving something that shes familiar with behind.

Im not sure I understand what fashion is anymore. I admit I was terrified to leave. I mean, the bubble gives you a kind of dysfunctional family. When youre in it, you get it. And the second youre out of it, youre like, What the hell just happened?