Check Out The Insane 4D Batman Roller Coaster That Opened Up In Texas

Who amongst us doesn’t want to know what it’s like to be Batman for a day (that is, aside from the whole dead parents/inability to keep a stable relationship/borderline sociopath tendencies)? Well, fear not, Bat-fans, Six Flags Fiesta Texas is making dreams come true.

Come Saturday, brave Six Flags attendees will be able to ride an entirely new Batman roller coaster experience. According to, the makers behind the ride (billed as “the world’s first 4-D free-spin roller coaster,”) are promising an amusement park experience like no other.

Instead of sitting underneath or above a coaster track, passengers hang out to the side on the wings (with nothing above or below them). Adding an additional element of fun, passengers then rotate on a horizontal axis perpendicular to the track, recreating the feel of Batman somersaulting into action or taking a wild ride with his grapple gun throughout the city.

Preston Perkes, project manager at S&S Worldwide (the maker of the new Batman ride) describes the experience like this:

“The unique part about this ride is besides being a wing coaster you have the opportunity or the ability to spin freely throughout the ride,.. Every time you go on, if you’re sitting on the front seat or the back seat you’re never going to have the same ride because you’re allowed to freely spin,..You can re-ride it and have a completely different experience than you had the first time.”

So that you can plan accordingly, riders should expect about six flips during their journey, which maxes out at 35 mph but feels faster.

Additionally, as passengers wait for the ride, they will be treated to an “interactive look at Bruce Wayne’s mission to avenge his parents (seriously, again? Even the ride has to tell us about his dead parents again!).

Nonetheless, it may not be the ride Texas deserves, but it’s definitely the ride Texas needs right now.