Chrysler Commercial Makes Phil Ivey Look Cooler Than Bruce Wayne

Chrysler’s new commercial has professional poker player, Phil Ivey, looking like the next Bruce Wayne.

Ivey appears in the new Chrysler’s Drive Proud campaign for the 2015 Chrysler 300. The 30 second-spot, mixes a series of slick shots of the new car with a commanding soundtrack that rivals the type of sophisticated luxury typically associated with a certain billionaire who fights crime on the side.

Of course, Bruce Wayne is a fictional billionaire who drives a cool car, whereas Ivey has actually won millions of dollars worth of prize money and drives a cool car on the side.

Frankly, as a huge poker fan, I’m glad to see Ivey get a spot like this. It’s great for sport and cool to see the guys behind the poker table finally get their due with such a high profile campaign like this.

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