CNN Slips Up and Airs Truth About Armed Oregon Militia Says They Arent Looting or Burning Buildings Down Like Black Lives Matter

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Weve made it abundantly clear where we stand on the Oregon stand off surrounding the BLM vs. Hammond Ranch controversy. Our reasoning doesnt translate to lack of support for those peacefully protesting the BLM, however, which is currently what is happening. Our stance is more aimed at armed conflict with federal government, something we believe some elements of the protests actually want.

But like I said, the current events are peaceful. They dont involve violence, no buildings have been damaged, no stores looted and no laws have been broken.

This is something most vintage statist media outlets refuse to admit. But in a rare moment of reality, CNN let it slip and admitted that those in Oregon stand in strong contrast to the actions of Black Lives Matter. During a segment about the Oregon standoff a CNN analyst threw water on the media fire by saying the militia groups on location shouldnt be a huge concern at the moment. This because… well… because they arent acting like members of Black Lives Matter.