Cop Hits Sixteen Year Old Boy In Face With Baton For Jaywalking

A crowd recently witnessed a police officer hitting a scared 16 year-old in the head with his baton for jaywalking. The young man was cowering in a flowerbed after the police stopped him for a simple crime that warrants little-to-no violence.

The police officer in question then called for backup. Four other officers arrived, throwing the young teen to the ground and arresting him, while four more officers showed up. In total, there were nine police officers against one small teenager who walked the wrong way. The teen said he was simply trying to catch a bus when he began jaywalking to catch up. The officer then struck him in the head using his baton before calling in the aforementioned backup.

This appears to be another case of police members using unnecessary force when dealing with a member of the public. Footage from the incident has been recorded, and can be seen below.