Drug Search In Boston Unearths Missing World Series Ring

Its only natural that the major sports leagues would offer their players rings to commemorate a job well done; carrying a towering trophy everywhere isnt too practical. The trade-off is that its much harder to have a ring turn up missing or even stolen which, unfortunately, has happened before. But incidentally, one of those rings has resurfaced in the most unexpected place.

Police officers caught forty-seven-year-old Dennis Leclair in the act of selling drugs outside his home, and naturally decided to arrest him. After they had their search warrant, they found even more drugs, police scanners, a money-counting machine, nine thousand dollars, and as the coup de grace a World Series ring. Theres no telling how it ended up in Leclairs hands, but its the real deal as it celebrated the Red Soxs win in 2004.

Incidentally, the ring in question doesnt belong to any of the players. A Red Sox employee reported that he was missing the ring given to him, but that opens the door for even more questions. The teams officials havent commented yet, while police investigations are still in progress.