Drunk Man Tries Digging Up Dead Father To Finish A 30 Year Old Argument

Michael Dale May, 44, of Somerset, Kentucky has reportedly been arrested after attempting to exhume his deceased fathers body. Lincoln County Constable Delbert Mitchell noticed Mays pickup truck in the parking lot of the Pilot Baptist Church in Eubank late Monday night. Upon investigation of the property, Constable Mitchell found a drunken May digging up his fathers remains in the churchs cemetery.

Mays father had been deceased for about 30 years. When asked why he was digging up the remains, May said it was so he could finish an argument with his father, and so that his father could go to Heaven. He was arrested on charges of public intoxication, violating a grave, and possession of marijuana.

According to May, he does not believe he should have been arrested because he was obeying scriptures. I see the truth, said May. He nees to be on the ground. Not under it. When asked if he would attempt exhuming his fathers remains again, May said, its a possibility. If the truth doesnt come out and nobody sees the truth, yeah Ill do it again.