Dutch Muslim Mayor Tells Violent Muslim Extremists To Pack Your Bags And F*ck Off

Dutch Mayor tells fellow Muslims if they cant tolerate a humorist they need to leave

Its quite refreshing to see a politician not only stay away from marginalizing an entire group of people but tells it like it should be something severely lacking in American politics.

Such was the case with the Moroccan-Dutch Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, also a Muslim, who appeared in a television interview to urge Muslims living in the West to adopt a more tolerant worldview and to appreciate freedom of speech.

That, or they should pack their bags and f*ck off.

Aboutaleb was on live Dutch TV speaking on a show called Nieuwsuur (Newshour) when he delivered the message.

What Aboutaleb was conveying was that Muslims who enjoy the freedoms of the West shouldnt also denounce those same freedoms because they feel insulted, and if they do feel insulted maybe the West isnt for them.

Aboutaleb said:

This is stupid, this so incomprehensible. Vanish from the Netherlands if you cannot find your place here. All those well-meaning Muslims here will now be stared at.

Aboutaleb also said:

It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom. But if you dont like freedom, for heavens sake pack your bags and leave. If you do not like it here because some humorists you dont like are making a newspaper, may I then say you can f*** off.

The epic message really hit on the crux of the struggle that people should be tolerant so long as Islam isnt spilling on anyones lawn and that Muslims should follow the same rule. No one is forcing a Muslim to read Charlie Hebdo in the same way that extremist Muslims should not be forcing the editorial staff at Charlie Hebdo to bow to their superstitions. Anyone who thinks differently, should pack their bags and go to where they feel more comfortable.

Aboutaleb was adamant that extremists do not belong in a free culture:

Vanish from the Netherlands if you cannot find your place here.

Aboutaleb has been mayor of Rotterdam since 2009, and is of the Dutch Labor Party. Originally born in Morocco, Aboutaleb moved to the Netherlands with his parents in 1976.

Heres a clip of the Nieuwsuur interview with Aboutaleb:

H/T: Raw Story | Photo: Facebook


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