EPIC: Hack-Job Rachel Maddow Slams Cruzs Machine-Gun Bacon Video, Cruz Responses… By Tweeting Another Video with Bigger Gun

MSNBC hack host Rachel Maddow has taken the time away from reporting real news to instead slam Senator Ted Cruz on his recent Machine-Gun Bacon video. During last nights segment, Maddow made it a point to state the obvious to her viewers and enlighten them on the fact that Cruz didnt really use a machine-gun in the video, but instead a semi-automatic.

Yeah, because picking apart a light-hearted video is far more important than discussing one of the many issues Americans are truly concerned with such as Planned Parenthood selling murdered baby body parts for profit.

Lets take a look at Maddows segment.

Well, Cruz has responded to Maddow by posting the following video on Twitter.


Epic response Senator Cruz… Love it.