Expectation Vs Reality: Brutally Honest Postcards Reveal Truth About British Seaside Towns

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside – unless it’s in Britain. No one enjoys that.

Britain is home to some of the most sorry-looking sea side towns which is what makes this collection of expectation vs reality images even funnier.

You can defend the likes of Yarmouth and Grimsby as much as you like, but the brutal truth is that they are rather rubbish compared to beaches elsewhere in the world.

However, that doesn’t stop the locals painting the picture that they are the next Bondi Beach.

36-year-old designer Jack Hurley decided to create a collection of brutally honest postcards, painting the truth about some of Britain’s bleakest beaches.

But despite what you might think – the Rubbish Seaside postcards you are about to see are one man’s way of celebrating, not slating, the British coastal mediocrity.

Rather than making them out to be something they’re not, it is about time we embraced them for what they are – rubbish.

Check out how Hurley’s hilariously honest postcards compare to people’s expectations of these typically British seaside towns.

Teignmouth: Expectation


‘With a classic crescent of Georgian buildings, promenade and long sandy beachTeignmouth is a real hidden gem on the South Devon coast and is both a historic port and classic seaside holiday resort.’