Famous YouTuber Performs Jump At Tower Bridge And It Goes Horribly Wrong

People do crazy things just for the thrill of it, but theres a thin line between daring and just plain stupid. The London Police have just chastised a youngster for leaping from the Tower Bridge after a Twitter dare, saying that his stupidity deserves to take some beating. Shah Faisal Shinwari, a 17-year-old YouTube star known as Carnage, jumped 40 feet off the bridge.

Faisal decided to perform a jump stunt in the Tower Bridge to celebrate getting 25,000 subscribers in his YouTube channel. He hit the water hard, and couldnt move his muscles. He could have died from drowning, as he swallowed mouthfuls of water that later caused an infection. He was later saved by the RNLI, an organization relying on charity donations. The saved YouTuber vowed to donate any money made from the stunt to the RNLI.

Tony Wafer, RNLI Community Safety Manager responded to the incident: As a lifesaving organisation that works on the Thames in London, we are extremely disappointed that this young man chose to risk his life in this way. He was extremely lucky that the outcome wasnt more serious. Were glad that this young man regrets his actions, however we would strongly discourage anyone from doing anything like this. Jumping into the Thames from a bridge is extremely dangerous the shock of cold water make it very difficult to swim and strong currents can rapidly sweep people away.

I made quite a bad decision. Faisal admitted I wont be quitting, I have built up a fan base, but I am not going to do anything that extreme again.