Flesh-Rotting Cocaine Sold Throughout US And UK

Plenty of people across the world have bad reactions to a variety of drugs, especially hardcore narcotics. However, one new strain of cocaine is currently spreading throughout the United States and United Kingdom a strain that causes human flesh to rot from the body, reports Daily Mail.

Narcotics experts are warning people of this new cocaine throughout the two countries, as it is being cut down with another drug known as Levamisole, which is the main cause for human fleshing dying off. Peoples ears are turning black, as are their cheeks and other parts of the face.

Levamisole is generally used by veterinarians as a de-wormer for farm livestock, and it is not recommended for any type of human consumption. It was banned for human use after the flesh rotting side effect became known.

The drug, unfortunately, is quite cheap and commonly used throughout Latin America, where most of the worlds cocaine comes from. Patients who use this laced drug have found their white blood cell count plummeting rapidly, and an infection is commonly spreading throughout their body, especially around the ears, where the skin turns black.