Fort Lauderdale International on Ground Stop after Plane Catches Fire on Tarmac

Thursday afternoon, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was placed on ground stop after a Dynamic Airways plane caught fire on the tarmac while taxiing for departure.

The aircraft involved, a Boeing 767 passenger jet which carries between 180 and 290 passengers per flight suffered from a fire on the left engine which was quickly extinguished by fire and rescue.

FLL spokesman Greg Meyer stated the following on the incident: Im told one of the engines caught fire as the plane was taxiing, getting ready for departure. I dont know the number of people on board, and I dont know the condition of the people, but I was told the fire was put out by a fire rescue team on sight.


The FAA released a statement that read, Dynamic International Airways 405 apparently caught fire on Taxiway B while taxiing for departure from Runway 28 Right at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, at about 12:45 p.m. An aircraft taxiing behind the Boeing 767 reported that fuel was leaking from the aircraft before the fire started. Passengers evacuated via slides onto the taxiway.

hree of the four chutes deployed from the airplane, so those on board could escape the burning aircraft. It appears everyone who was on board made it off. One person was seen sitting on the tarmac and being attended to by good Samaritans and officials.

According to Broward Sheriffs Fire Rescue, several people were injured, but it is unclear as to the severity of their injuries. BSO spokesperson Mike Jachles said, At last word, we confirmed three people will be transported to area hospitals. There may be seven people in all with injuries. However, they may not all require transport to the hospital.

The passengers who were not hurt were placed on bus on the tarmac and taken to another terminal to continue their trip.