FREE FOOD! Tax Day Deals Make Today Almost Not Awful!

Taxes are garbage, but free food helps…

Today is Tax Day! Happy Tax Day everyone!

We all know everyone loves Tax Day, and by “loves” I mean “hates” and by “Tax Day” I mean “The Government Mandated Money Rapture.” (Where the government magically floats money right out of our pockets.)

While everyone is probably excited about filing their taxes last minute, don’t break out the party hats and noise makers just yet… here’s a very important announcement:

Some businesses are straight up giving away FREE FOOD today.

Why would they give away free food? Because taxes suck for everyone, even big businesses, so why not brighten someone’s day? (Wonder if they can write off giving away food as charity… hmm.) Just remember, before blindly trusting you’ll get your free meal no matter what, maybe call ahead, not every location is participating in every deal.

Here are some of the best Tax Day freebies currently being offered:

Burger King

Buy a Whopper, get another free!

Boston Market

Buy one meal and get a second meal (of equal or lesser value) for free.

Whole Foods

Some locations will have free drip coffee.


Half-price cheeseburgers all day son!

Pizza Hut

Download a “P-2 form” from their website, fill it out and send it back by April 18th to be entered into a chance to find a $10-$50 gift card. This almost sounds a bit too much like actual tax work.

Great American Cookies

Get one free sugar cookie!

Hard Rock Cafe

Sing a song (at a participating Hard Rock location) and you’ll earn a free Local Legendary Burger.

Macaroni Grill

If you dine in and order one dinner entree, you take a second home for free.