Guy Wants Kid Removed From His Picture. The Internet Responded In A Totally Hilarious Way!

We all have that bad photo that could benefit from a little Photoshop magic.

The picture in question probably has bad lighting or you may want to delete an embarrassing facial mark. Other times, enhancing the image’s color is enough while there are also instances when, such in the case below, you just need to get rid of what seems to be a photobombing kid in the background.

This Imgur user named damnfiddles shared a lovely photo of him and his partner smooching on the beach. Now he wanted the volleyball-playing kid out of the scene. In short, he was asking a Photoshop favor from other Imgurians.

Here’s the original photo:


Photo credit: damnfiddles

He soon realized he came to the wrong place.

One by one, the netizens started to respond and posted their edited versions. Needless to say, the results are, well, a bit different from what damnfiddles was expecting. Case in point – they’re all extremely hilarious!

We’ll let these funny photo edits speak for themselves so scroll down and enjoy!


Photo credit: damnfiddles


Photo credit: damnfiddles


Photo credit: damnfiddles


Photo credit: damnfiddles


Photo credit: damnfiddles

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