Here Are the 8 Republicans Who Joined Obama on the Iran Terror Deal

Lets be honest here. The Iran terror deal being pushed by Obama is not just bad, its borderline treasonous. It directly enables and helps fund terrorism. Terrorism against our allies as well as the homeland.

One would think Senators, those who are elected to uphold and protect the constitution, would make it a priority to fight the Iran terror deal with every ounce of energy they can pull together. But the opposite is true. The United States Senate is now actively engaged in backing Obama and his dangerous terror deal.

Just how bad is the Iran terror deal? You be the judge.

In its report, the Iran Strategy Council wrote that the nuclear deal, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), will enable Iran to increase support for terrorist and insurgent proxies, aggravate sectarian conflict and trigger both nuclear and conventional proliferation cascades.

Additionally, the deal will provide the expansionist regime in Tehran with access to resources, technology and international arms markets required to bolster offensive military capabilities in the vital Persian Gulf region, acquire long-range ballistic missiles and develop other major weapons systems, the council wrote.

In its report, the council argued that the deal is not an alternative to war with Iran, as many of its supports have claimed, but would actually make war more likely.

Contrary to the false choice between support for the JCPOA and military confrontation, the agreement increases both the probability and danger of hostilities with Iran, the report noted. Given the deleterious strategic consequences to the United States, implementation of the JCPOA will demand increased political and military engagement in the Middle East that carries significantly greater risks and costs relative to current planning assumptions.

Weve come to expect Democrats to fall in line with those putting our nation in the direct line of danger. But Republicans should know better. When it comes to the Iran Deal vote (the amendment), however, 8 Republicans are right there standing tall with Barack Obama.

They worked with Democrats killing an amendment that would have required certification that Iran has not directly supported or carried out an act of terrorism against the United States before sanctions can be lifted.

Here they are.

  1. Lamar Alexander (TN)
  2. Dan Coats (IN)
  3. Bob Corker (TN)
  4. Jeff Flake (AZ)
  5. Lindsey Graham (SC)
  6. Orin Hatch (UT)
  7. John McCain (AZ)
  8. Bob Perdue (GA)