Here Are The Top 30 Locations For A First Date

According to a new study, Americans aren’t quite as classy as we may have thought – at least not when it comes to first dates.

The Clover dating app interpreted data from 200,000 users to determine the most popular locations for an initial rendezvous and the results may surprise you. Apparently, enjoying an upscale club or dining at a fancy restaurant is only in the cards for those on “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”

Would you believe that the #30 most popular place to go on a first date is…



CPK? Really? Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my regular dining spots. It’s just not somewhere I’d take a girl on a first date.

According to Clover CEO Isaac Raichyk, “We expected fine dining, bars, and nightclubs to rank much higher, but clearly people want to meet in a relaxed environment.”

That must be true as you’ll see in positions 29-24 below.

29. 16 Handles

28. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

27. Bareburger

26. Mellow Mushroom

25. Torchy’s Tacos

24. Dutch Bros. Coffee

Number 23 on the list must be where people step up their game a bit though, right?



Er, not quite. While I am also a Yogurtland fan, this choice just reeks of “cheap bastardness.” We can only hope that those who picked it chose a location outside of a mall.

Let’s see if things improve with selections 22-17.

22. P.F. Chang’s

21. Yard House

20. Tender Greens

19. Philz Coffee

18. Outback Steakhouse

17. Tim Hortons

Things seemed to be heading in the right direction… until a coffee shop popped up. According to research by Clover, 51% of men prefer to initially meet at restaurants, while 52% of women prefer coffee shops. I’ve still got hope though. Let’s see what’s next.



Finally, some progress… I think. After all, lobster is definitely a step up from cappuccino. A fancier seafood restaurant would be nice, but at this point, users can’t complain. Whoever orchestrated this idea is on a fast track to a second date. (Although maybe not in Los Angeles.)

What have we got for numbers 15-10 on the list?

15. Peet’s Coffee & Tea

14. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

13. Five Guys

12. LongHorn Steakhouse

11. Blue Bottle Coffee

10. Applebee’s

Two more coffee shops? Hmm, I think I see where this is going. Let’s take a look at the next highest-ranking date spot.



If you’re gonna be chintzy, you might as well go for “tasty chintzy.” In-N-Out fits the bill just fine.

OK, now we’re heading into the stretch run. Let’s take a peek at which eateries placed in the 8-2 positions.

8. Chili’s Grill & Bar

7. Olive Garden

6. Buffalo Wild Wings

5. Texas Roadhouse

4. The Cheesecake Factory

3. Panera Bread

2. Chipotle Mexican Grill

This is it. Time for the big reveal. Before seeing numbers 30-2, I would never have guessed that this would be the #1 location in the country to take a first date. However, after reading the previous entries, the top spot is rather predictable.

And the winner is…



Ladies, if this is where most guys are taking you for your first tryst, you might just want to stay single.