Here’s Why 1.5m People Follow This Unique Spice Company On Instagram

They say you are what you eat, right? So then what does your diet really say about you? Your food choices are a reflection of many things, including your culture and your value system. Your diet also has a huge impact on how you look and feel. Both your mental and physical state are affected by what you consume.

Chris Wallace is founder of Flavor God. For him, good food led to great health, which led to a successful life.

Wallace is a professional chef who cooks incredible food for other people. This doesn’t always mean that this food is the best for his lifestyle; a lifestyle that revolves around health, fitness, and adventure.

We couldn’t seem to find something at the store that was not only delicious, but MSG and gluten free, that he could throw onto clean food on the go.

So he made it.

He started grinding spices and selling his blends at local farmer’s markets. Eventually his spices caught on and people from all walks of life began cooking with Flavor God and using it as a condiment, mostly to make otherwise bland diet food nothing short of a flavor explosion. They began to share their stories on Instagram, and before long, Flavor God was shipping spices around the world.

Today, Flavor God still embodies Wallace’s story of eating well in order to feel empowered to wake up every day and lead a successful life. This guiding principle fuels thousands of success stories from the plate to the office, from the Tupperware to the forklift.

Flavor God’s Instagram page is full of people sharing the delicious and clean meals they made with the help of Wallace’s tasty and healthy spices.

I still recall asking random people at the post office to take a picture of me standing in line with bags of seasonings to ship to you guys! And they were like “ok” “weirdo”??. Now I have a shipping warehouse with a shipping team and a camera crew. Crazy! My fellow small business owners??????????, don’t give up and don’t let negativity get you down! Keep working hard! More pallets of fresh seasonings heading out! New flavors coming soon! Sign up for my VIP LIST to have first dibs on new flavors. Buying a combo pack now on my website automatically adds you to my VIP LIST. My FLAVORGOD SEASONINGS ARE: Are certified ?’??’?GLUTEN FREE ?’??’?KOSHER ?’??’?low in salt ?’??’?sugar free ?’??’?made fresh ?’??’?NO MSG ?’??’?made fresh FLAVORGOD.COM

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It’s going to be BBQ Season here really soon! I Love seeing @natalieevamarie taking a break from her busy schedule with WWE, and shooting for Total Divas on E! Using my seasonings with your proteins on the grill is a great way to add flavor. Here Natalie is using her @FlavorGod seasoning on some steaks! Who else is grilling already?! Summer is right around the corner, can’t wait to release some new flavors for all of you. Make sure to sign up for my VIP list on my website. I’m posting daily recipes on @flavorgodrecipeguide Quick Breakdown: ??Made Fresh ?”?Gluten free, Paleo, KOSHER ??Low salt (25-50mg per 1/4 tsp) ?”?No MSG, No GMO, No Soy ??No Sugar, No Nuts, No Fillers ?”?No dairy, Vegan, Delicious ??Whole30 Approved ?”?0 Calories, 0 Carbs ??Shelf life is 12 months Yes, I Ship World Wide. Yes, that means you, on the other side of Earth. Order Here:

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AHI POKE WITH FRIED EGG AND AVOCADO The creativity of my customers never ceases to amaze me and here’s a great example. This is an adaptation of a Hawaiian dish called Ahi Poke by @dad_beets and was seasoned with my #FlavorGod Himalayan Pink Salt and Pepper seasoning. @dad_beets: Been looking for creative ways to use this new @flavorgod Himalayan salt & pink peppercorn seasoning, and ahi tuna poke seemed like the perfect fit. I made a traditional poke using the pink salt/peppercorn, placed it on a bed of mashed avocado mixed with yuzu kosho, and topped it all with a fried egg and furikake (aka toasted sesame seeds and seaweed). Perfect for Thursday brunching at the pad… or whenever. My #FLAVORGOD Combo Pack of Seasonings are: ?? Gluten free ?? low salt ?? No MSG ?? No Sugar ?? Vegan ?? Paleo ?? Whole30 Approved FLAVORGOD.COM

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