Here’s Why You’re Going To Want To Make Neon Energy Drink Your Eternal Elixir!

If Indiana Jones chose this at the end of The Last Crusade, the Knight would totally say that he “chose wisely.”

If Indiana Jones chose this at the end of <em>The Last Crusade</em>, the Knight would totally say that he "chose wisely."

We’re all busy people.

If you’re like me, sometimes a cup of coffee isn’t enough, and a 5 Hour Energy Drink turns you into the Wolf of Wall Street.

Are you searching for the happy medium between the two? Then look no further than Neon Energy Drink.

Unlike most energy drinks whose list of ingredients make it seem like they bear more of a resemblance to lighter fluid than anything else, Neon Energy drink has 24% juice. And for all you tea time fans, the drink has a 386 mg proprietary blend of Green Tea Extract, Prickly Pear, and Gotu Kola. Once you Gotu, you never go back.

But for me, the real case for why Neon Energy Drink is the perfect dietary supplement is the Percent Daily Values.

Have you ever looked at a drink, and wondered “gee, I hope 4000% Vitamin B12 is actually a good thing, and not something to wreak irreparable damage on my system, and/or turn me into a mutant?”

If this is the case, then you don’t have to worry about this ever again.

There’s 100% Riboflavin, 100% Niacin, 100% Vitamin B6, 100% Folate, 150% Vitamin B12, 100% Biotin, 50% Pantothenic Acid, and… 0% Sodium, to name most of the ingredients.

Now, THAT is what I call a sensible breakdown of Percent Daily Values.

And if you’re wondering about whether or not this drink will make you crash, then fear not.

Neon Energy Drink uses Crystalline Fructose, which due to its low glycemic index doesn’t cause surges or drops in glucose levels. So, there’s no real loss of vivacity on your end. In the words, of Wayne: party on.

Have I mentioned this stuff glows under black light? Because it glows under black light.

This drink is perfect for raves, or when you inspect how clean a hotel room really is.

So, in conclusion: what the heck are you doing? Go out, get a case, and start letting Neon Energy Drink bring you to your next level.