How Can Beat Making Software Save Hip Hop?

beatsA lot of people complain about the state of hip hop.

What happened to the game? Why is it that they can imagine beats that sound so much better than all the music getting played right now? Why do all these tracks sound so weak?

You cant really blame people for asking questions like that. It seems like no one making beats these days has their hearts in the game. And when people dont have their hearts in the game the music they make just sounds garbage.

Producers right now come from rich families out in some suburbs somewhere and have cash coming out of their pockets. They go to Ivy League schools and get degrees in music and when they graduate they ask their mommies and daddies to buy them all the top of the line production equipment and beat making software they need to look professional. Thats why half the music out there right now sounds fakethe producers making it are fake.

Thats not the way it was back in the day. Back when hip hop was first starting out it really meant something to be a producer. Finding a way to get inside a studio and behind a soundboard was your life. Some people still have that kind of fire in them about making music. They may not have the tools but they bring that the fire.

The only thing is, thats the other part of the problem. Everybody else trying to catch up is doing it all the wrong ways. Theyre out there buying beat software that makes music that just sounds weak. Most beat-making software that these wanna-be producers are using works with mp3 music files. Mp3s are notorious for making music sound bad. They compress the files so much that all of the intricacy of the sound gets lost. Plus most beat software only gives you a couple of tracks to use. How are you supposed to get creative with just ten or twelve tracks?

Theres better ways to go about becoming a DJ or producer. The first step is to find beat-making software that doesnt compress your files, limit your choices, or sound corny. For a quality software that makes sure that the beats you make always sound sick, you need to get Dr. Drum digital beat making software.

Dr. Drum does hip hop, rap and reggae beats, plus electronic dance beats like dubstep, house, and trance. Its like having your own studio on your computer. Plus, even if you have zero experience with sound engineering, song production, even musical trainingDr. Drum can still show you how to do it. Because complicated software is not going to keep you from hearing music you want to hear.

And thats what brings hip hop back to life: people like you using the right beat making software. The talent and the tools, together. If youre ready to let the beat drop, find out more about Dr. Drum right here.