How One Woman’s Instagram Is Changing The Way We View Luxury!

Luxury travel, fashion, and lifestyle tips from a serial renter!

Luxury travel, fashion, and lifestyle tips from a serial renter!

Rented Lifestyle is a new way to enjoy luxurious items at a much, much lower cost.

Rented Lifestyle‘s founder Christy Bamber is all about helping you live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about without going into debt, working 4 jobs, or engaging in a life crime.

The only thing that’s criminal? How criminally amazing her advice is!

How does she suggest living the high life on a budget? One word: rentals! Here’s an excerpt from her website:

“Rented LifeStyle became the natural next level- advising on renting or owning everything you can imagine. As I navigate the world of renting, my readers will be traveling with me to luxurious destinations. I admit, I love the finer things in life!

But, after looking at how much money was being lost on a $2000 dress worn once to the Grammy Awards, I started looking for a better way. I’ve found numerous amazing rental systems that enhance my fabulous lifestyle, all while experiencing more and spending less.

And it’s easy- Rent instead of own.”

Christy makes a great point: renting a lifestyle is much easier than owning it. Returning an item after it has been worn or played with, becomes a freedom. With less ownership, comes less responsibility. Variety increases, while costs decrease.

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Christy Bamber shows us via her Instagram page and her blog just how to achieve that luxurious lifestyle you’ve always wanted – whether you are on a budget or not.

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She is the expert on enjoying the finest luxuries in life without having to pay full price. So, if you are on a budget, or just really love not spending insane amounts of money, she’s got you covered.

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So what are you doing? Let Rented Lifestyle help you up your game without demolishing your wallet!