How to Get Inside Someones Head Using One Simple Trick

mentalismWhat if you could enter someone elses mind, have a look around and see exactly what they were thinking? What would you do with that kind of power? It may sound like the plot of a horror or science fiction movie, but its not. The new e-book The Revelation Effect shows you how to get inside someones head and read their thoughts.

We know what youre thinkingmindreading is impossible. And well admit, we were a little bit skeptical at first too. But the mindreading in The Revelation Effect isnt what youre thinking of. Its not telepathy. Scientific investigations havent ever found any conclusive proof that ESP, or extrasensory perception, exists. Even if it does, you know that youre not psychic. So what does the Revelation Effect do?

Youll actually be using a combination of techniques and cues to make it seem as if you can read another persons thoughts. This is just one part of mentalismthe amazing ability you can learn with The Revelation Effect.

Mentalism isnt fake. Its an art form. Youve seen famous magicians like Chris Angel and David Blaine do it on TV and the internet. The tricks that they use arent magical, just sophisticated techniques that fool anyone who is watching into thinking that something impossible is taking place. Those things dont actually happen, but the audience doesnt know that. But illusion is just part of what mentalism does. It also includes the use of hypnotism. Unlike illusion, hypnotism is real. You may have heard of people getting hypnotized at parties to cluck like chickens. That can happen, and you can learn how to do it. But making people act like animals is just a practical joke compared to the full potential of mentalism youll learn with The Revelation Effect.

Mentalism is more about using someones own mind against themwith The Revelation Effect youll be fooling people that you can actually read their thoughts.

Its the same trick that phony psychics in shops with neon signs in their windows have been performing for years. Imagine being able to ask someone to picture a person they know in their mindsomeone who youve never met and its impossible for you to knowand watching their jaws drop as you say the exact name of the person they were thinking about. And that is just the beginning.

These are the kind of party tricks that will make people lose their minds. Once other people see your mental powers in action, theyll want you to try it on them. Its a great way to meet people, steal the spotlight and to impress. Its a great way to get inside of peoples heads.

Want to learn how to do it? Check out the The Revelation Effect.