Hubble Studio is LA’s Hottest Space for Creators

In Downtown Los Angeles…

There’s a new creative space that’s filled with today’s most amazing innovators in makeup, fashion, modeling, photography, and film. Not to mention the models and celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, who use the studio and their artists. Established just last year, by Vince Ricci, Hubble Studio has quickly become the go-to location for high profile clientele who hold a high standard for excellence. And Hubble Studio always delivers.

Located at 545 S. Clarence St 90033, Hubble is the most popular location in LA to shoot, produce, and host the hottest events in a town built by celebrity.

Hrush Achemyan, or StyledByHrush, calls it home.

Hrush Achemyan, or <a href="" target="_blank">StyledByHrush</a>, calls it home.

One of the most sought after makeup artists in the world is a regular at Hubble. She’s even teaches workshops at the studio, so other’s can learn from her flawless skills of contouring, highlighting, and full eye looks. Her list of clients include stars like Angela Bassett, and some of the most gorgeous models currently working.

The collaboration is unmatched.

The collaboration is unmatched.

Anastasia Beverly Hills works with Mario Dedivanovic, two professionals who are constantly described as “the greatest,” were on set for Anastasia’s fall line. Those eyebrows are perfection, obviously.

Only the greats…

Only the greats...

Hubble Studio is perfect for Floyd Mayweather, a man well known for his exquisite taste. He’s stopped by to take photos and rub elbows.

They sponsored Michael Costello’s show at Mercades Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

They sponsored Michael Costello's show at Mercades Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

The two-time Lifetime’s Project Runway contestant dresses celebrities around the world. He’s one of the most skillful designers currently working, and the first American Gypsy designer. He frequently uses Hubble Studios to shoot his incredible designs. His designs have been worn by Beyonce, Tamar Braxton, and Jessica White, just to name a few.

It’s the perfect space for artists.

It's the perfect space for artists.

Elias Tahan used Hubble Studios to launch his Faces event.