Indian Man Killed By Mob For Eating Beef

Mohammad Akhlaq was brutally beaten to death by a mob in India after a rumor emerged that the man was consuming beef. According to the victims daughter, Sajida, the mob made their way into home of the family and beat the man using bricks, simply because they heard that he was keeping cows meat in his home.

India is a predominantly Hindu country and according to the religion, a cow is supposed to be sacred and highly respected. Despite a majority of the country staying away from beef, nearly 140 million people are still avid consumers of the meat.

The incident occurred in the state of Uttar Pradesh that prohibits the slaughter of cows, making it a criminal offense. Instead of reporting the man to local authorities however, the angry mob decided to take matters into their own hands and make an example out of Akhlaq and his family.

According to Sajida, her brother was severally beaten by the mob as well and he is now in critical condition in a nearby hospital. Apparently the attackers threatened to kill Sajida as well if she took the matter to the police.