Ineffective Exercises You Should Avoid Doing

Everyone is looking to transform their body. Creating a workout routine that will allot them time and quick results. Matching a diet to the perfect workout regiment can prove to be tough. Its even harder to stick to it. There are plenty of exercises that you may or may not know about. Depending on your fitness goal some of the exercises you are doing may not have a positive effect, if any effect on your body. This list contains some of the most ineffective exercises and why. Some of them are very common and may shock you.

Tricep Bench Dips

Tricep bench dips focus on building strength in the triceps. In actuality this exercise puts unnecessary stress on the shoulders. It is not a natural position for the arms to be in. Instead just do regular dips. They are safer and work out the entire arm and not just the triceps. Another alternative to tricep bench dips is the triangle push-up. It targets not only the triceps, but also engages muscles in your chest, shoulders and core.