Italy is Home to the Most EPIC Treehouse EVER

Ah, Italy. Home of delicious pasta, garlic bread, numerous course meals all served with wine. Filled with beautiful cliff side towns, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Popes… And now, the greatest treehouse ever made.

The Italian architect, Luciano Pia, created an apartment complex that truly combines humans and nature. 25 Verde in Turin, Italy is a five-story building, built with full, beautiful trees and steel girders. Everything of this building was planned with nature in mind, the shape of the terrace healthily promotes trees to sprout, there is a pond in the courtyard, and has 150 trees. The trees shade during the harsh summer, and when they lose their leaves in winter, it lets the weaker light fill the apartments. The trees help to clean the air, and provide more oxygen for residence and other people who live nearby. It sounds like the perfect cure for city-depression.

Check it out on Google Maps, and the pictures below.