Japanese Woman Can Pay Handsome Men To Wipe Away Tears

A lot of woman around the world probably wish a handsome gentleman would swoop in and wipe away the tears on a horrible day. Well, that scenario can actually happen if youre living in Japan, as a new service is offering just that. Women in Japan can spend 7,900 yen ($64 dollars) to hire a handsome guy to enter their home or workplace while carrying a box of tissues to wipe away any tears youre currently experiencing.

These men have been trained in therapeutic crying, allowing them to draw tears from a womans eyes, even if said woman is not upset at the moment, and then wipe them away. Basically, these men will sit down with you, watch a sad video or talk about what is troubling you until you begin to cry, then they will clean your face up.

These individuals are available from a new website called Ikemeso, and the interested women buying from the site can select from a variety of men with different looks, styles, and personalities. These personalities include little brother and bad boys, amongst others.