John Lewis Send Incredible Gift To Man Flooded With Christmas Complaints Meant For Department Store

John Lewis is an ordinary man from Virginia, but every year he has to spend his time redirecting tweets mistakenly sent to him rather the department store giant John Lewis.

Some people would be infuriated by such a thing however, this man has taken things in his stride and decided to have a little bit of fun.

Rather than simply telling Twitter users they have the wrong person, he enlightens them in the most hilarious and wittiest ways possible.

To thank this kind man for all of his efforts, John Lewis sent the american an extraordinary gift.

You are all probably familiar with the store’s 2015 Christmas Advert #ManOnTheMoon by now and if not, find it here.

Following the ads success, John received a stunning telescope, like the one used in the advertisement.

Unsurprisingly, John was overjoyed with his gift and says it was unnecessary as he will continue to redirect the stray tweets when necessary anyway, but that he is extremely grateful.

Check out John’s hilarious tweets in the gallery below.

Spot the difference: John Lewis the department store