KFC Is Bringing Back The Colonel, And They Just Dropped A Video Game — Play It Here!

How important is the Colonel to KFC? Well, some Canadians trekked 2,000 miles just to visit his birthplace and get some OG chicken, so apparently, very important.

So KFC is bringing the white haired Colonel Sanders back, and he’s being portrayed by none other than SNL alumnus, Darrell Hammond. With the Hamburglar returning to McDonald’s, it seems like old school food mascots are having their renaissance. Commercials with Hammond as the Southern-accented chicken connoisseur will begin airing on May 25th, in honor of the brand’s 75th anniversary. It’s the first time the Sanders character, played by an actor, has been in front of their advertisements in decades.

They’ve already released a series of YouTube videos, highlighting their “back to the way it was,” nostalgia.


But that’s not all. They’ve also dropped a pretty legit online video game.

The game is based on other older games, like Paperboy, Duck Hunt and Mr. Game and Watch. The game is something of an educational tool, to help introduce a new audience to Colonel Sanders, and tells his life story through game play. There’s numerous levels, but you can skip any one you want.

Check it out below!