Kim Jong-Un Wants To Boost North Koreas Tourism Industry With Beaches

North Korea isnt exactly a vacation destination, but Kim Jong-Un wants to change that. He has come up with an idea to boost tourism revenue in North Korea, by making North Korean beaches the best in the world to surf on. His goal is to make North Korea a number one hotspot for surfers, and he has even started putting together a team to brainstorm on ideas for how to achieve this goal. Italian champion surfer Nicola Zanella is a part of that team as well.

The plan is to go on an 8 day expedition, assessing potential surfing spots. The long-term goal is to create a surfing culture within North Korea by educating the youth on water safety.

This is certainly a big decision for North Korea, as playing nicely with the rest of the world has not always been on the forefront of their agenda. Reportedly, the response for this idea has so far been overwhelming and encouraging, according to Andrea Lee, who leads US-based Uri Tours. They have been contacted by surfers across the globe, and hope to put this plan into action quickly.