Let’s Dance: 10 Amazing Dances From Around the World to Get Your Body Moving

8. Waltz – Germany
If you imagine a ball, the waltz is one of the must-haves. This classic dance has been taught to all high society people since the 16th century. You might not see it performed so much these days, yet it is part of the ballroom dance competitions around the world. The main things to remember is a 1-2-3 routine and picking your partner wisely.

9. Polka – Czech Republic
This 19th century dance spread very quickly around Europe due to its quick pace and fast movements. You can hear many variations of polka throughout Eastern Europe influenced by folk instruments of that region.

10. Tango – Argentina
Tango is for sure a great dance to watch and an even better one to be a part of. Signature music and sensual movements will evoke the most romantic feelings. Find a partner, put some music on and lose yourself to dance.