Let’s Dance: 10 Amazing Dances From Around the World to Get Your Body Moving

5. Flamenco – Spain
From the country of passion comes this fiery dance. Guitar based songs are essential for this Spanish art. You might know this dance by frilly dresses, clapping and vigorous stomps.

6. Belly Dance – Egypt
As belly dance made its way through the world, it was performed only by female dancers. It used to be one of the types of entertainment at social celebrations. Now it is considered to be a very tough dance to master as it’s not only about the belly but hips and fluidity of movement.

7. Reggae – Jamaica
When we think about reggae we have the relaxing music of Bob Marley in mind. Not many people know that reggae as a dance has its own tempo similar to ska and r&b. If you are ready to hit the dance floor, relax your body and move it to the rhythm!