Liberals Furious after West Texas School Posts Warning that Staff is Trained to Use Deadly Force to Protect Students

There is a valid reason for the Lone Star States age old saying dont mess with Texas, the number one reason being that if you are foolish enough to try… They will kill you, end of story.

That is exactly the point one unidentified West Texas school wanted to get across to any potential criminals considering their students as targets for something sinister. To discourage anyone from trying to harm children and staff, the school posted the sign featuring the silhouette of an individual taking aim with a rifle.

Staff at this campus are armed and trained to meet threats to student safety with deadly force if necessary.

Via CT

There is no doubt that administrators at this school believe possession of weapons deters crime, so they are willing to defy those politicians and liberals who would take away Americans right to bear arms, as clearly stated in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

We wonder, however, about the accuracy of this sign. Is the entire staff at this high school really armed and trained to use firearms to enforce order during Friday night football games and other student events?

We hope that they are, but even if they arent, we dont think anyone will be testing them to find out.