LOLWOT TV Episode 21: 11 Signs You Have A Poltergeist In Your Home

Have you ever wondered if theres a bad presence in your house? Or have you ever felt as if something was in the room with you, even when you were alone? If youve felt these things, then theres a chance that there may be an unwanted guest in your home. Before making a rash decision on what you assume is in your house, youre best to do some research because these unwanted guests can turn bad if annoyed.

Some presences, however, can be worse than others, and pray to yourself that you dont have a poltergeist in your home. You can usually tell if you have a poltergeist in your house, as there are a few things which stand out. Have any objects randomly moved, or youre finding objects in locations youve never used before? Maybe youve started hearing noises or smell something pretty bad? If youre unsure on whether youve got a poltergeist, you need to check out this video.

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