Look What One State is Considering Re: Planned Parenthood and 7.5 Million in Taxpayer Dollars

In the world of politics sometimes things get a bit heated… Sometimes you have to take something away from another person or group of people and once someone possesses something, it can be tough to pull it from their grasp. And so goes the story in Madison this week.

As reported by the Madison Capital Times, Wednesday a public hearing quickly became heated as many gathered to discuss two bills intending to cut 7.5 million dollars of public funding from the organization Planned Parenthood.


Legislation targeting Planned Parenthoods funding in Wisconsin was the subject of a heated debate among lawmakers on Wednesday. Democrats say the pair of bills before the Assembly Health Committee would restrict access to reproductive health services throughout the state, while Republicans argue just the opposite.

Up for debate are two bills introduced by Rep. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere. The first would prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving federal Title X funds, diverting the money to other groups at the discretion of the state Department of Health Services. The second would place limits on how much Planned Parenthood can be reimbursed for prescription drugs acquired through a Medicaid program.

One repeated gripe by the pro-choice crowd, was whether or not women would be able to obtain little or no cost medical treatment of a reproductive nature.

Why are we pretending that this is about anything other than what it really is? This is about the taking of another human beings life. As a series of undercover videos have revealed, the act itself is not only brutal, it is a real money making variable for the mass abortion clinic. The reality of the situation is dead babies are big business for the publicly Planned Parenthood.

Bearing this in mind, Republican legislators combined with activists from all walks of life continue to rally together in an effort to stop tax dollars from going to the murderous organization. Continuing to fight for those that are unable to defend themselves, these pro-life supporters stand unshaken even after the supreme court struck down a bill to defund the clinics.

Supporters of the proposed bills are not only fighting for the future generations of this state, they are fighting for the fundamental right to life in this country. One things for sure, theres strength in numbers, just as wherever theres a will, there is a way.

As for the future of womens healthcare in Wisconsin, supporters of the proposed legislation were quick to reassure the concerned opposition by informing them that there will be alternatives to womens reproductive care as well as choices that do not provide abortions.

I dont believe that this bill is going to do anything but to help and broaden the array of health care providers used, he said. Essentially, right now, Planned Parenthood has a monopoly on Title X funding. If we believe Planned Parenthood has the entire state of Wisconsins best interests in mind for the prevention of communicable diseases and public health, I dont know why we have a state Department of Health Services we should just use Planned Parenthood, said.Rep. Andre Jacque, the bills creator.

This isnt about the womans right to choose and even if it were, what about the unborn childs rights? What about the very basic fundamental right to life? If they could speak, chances are they would choose not to be killed and sold to the highest bidder. Until the day comes where we hear their voice, we must assume dying isnt their first choice. Ask any abortion survivor if they would have chose death over life… I willing to bet the odds are they wont say they wouldve preferred death.

So as the supporters of the state line up and show support (both literally and metaphorically) they all share something in common, they are tireless and passionate. These individuals are not hiding behind a phony health care agenda. Supporters of this legislation arent pretending it is anything other than what it really is, they are fully aware that this is a battle for the unborn.