Lottery Winner Viciously Attacked By Ex-Girlfriend

A lottery winner recently suffered a brutal case of domestic abuse by his girlfriend. The man is now speaking out against such actions to encourage more abused men to step forward and talk about this happening. Matt Myles recently won 1 million in the EuroMillions raffle just after he broke things off with his personal trainer girlfriend, Carla Chamberlain, 24.

The young woman, according to The Daily Mail, criticized how he looked, which was one of the major reasons for the break-up. The 28-year-old immediately quit his job after winning the lottery, and then went on a seven month bender, booking numerous 5-star hotels along the journey.

When he returned, he got back together with Chamberlain, who flipped her shit over seeing a random text from another girl. She then attacked him. Matt said: The lottery win was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me but ironically it also led to the worst thing that ever happened in my life suffering domestic abuse at the hands of the woman I loved. Carla said, Why the **** are you getting pictures from her? I bet she sends you more than that. Shed just had huge, acrylic glittery nails done and she scratched my face. I told her to get off and then she punched me in the face.

Chamberlain was fined 650 for two common assaults and criminal damage. Matt, now speaking against domestic abuse, said: Domestic abuse against men remains one of Britains last great taboos. Many men wont get help because they fear they wont be believed or theyll be laughed at. In reality when they do come forward they are taken seriously.

So, gentleman, step forward if youre being heinously attacked at home. Dont be ashamed or afraid.