Luxury At It’s Finest: BMWs New 7 Series Lets You Park It Remotely Using Your Key

This is what we’ve all been waiting for…

…ever since seeing that scene in Tomorrow Never Dies where James Bond drives his BMW remotely while ducking gunfire in the backseat.


The future is here…

In another case of real life technology taking its cues from fiction… BMW has created a car that you can control remotely.

No, BMW hasn’t finally removed those “pesky turn signals.” (USE YOUR BLINKERS, PEOPLE!)

There are several amazing new features and the company is being all cool and secretive; Beemer isn’t even showing their fancy new 2016 design yet! That’s why the car is painted in that crazy camo pattern. Guess they don’t want people getting too hot and bothered over the new model’s sexy curves.

Sexy carbon fiber curves.

Sexy carbon fiber curves.

BMW is now weaving carbon fiber into the body of the new 2016 7 series. Carbon fiber is super low-weight but really rigid, making the car lighter and more efficient.

Who wouldn’t want to be lighter or more rigid?

Gesture Commands

Gesture Commands

The new model isn’t just getting faster and lighter… it’s getting more luxurious and tech-filled.

The 7 series offers voice command, touch screen navigation (standard luxury features) but the all new gesture command is the wave of the future. That’s a joke because you wave your hands around to control certain functions. Feel free to laugh now that you understand the reference.

Imagine… you could wave off unwanted phone calls like shooing away a fly or one of your many overeager butlers.

Oh and it parks itself… without you in it!

Oh and it parks itself... without you in it!

The coolest new feature is straight out of the future (or, as we mentioned, 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies): The remote control parking function.

You can pull the car in or out of your garage, entirely remotely. No more pesky “entering your garage!”

All thanks to BMW’s new display key. The display key is pretty much what it sounds like, it’s a remote control/LCD control screen.

What exactly can you do from your key? Other than SAFELY DRIVE YOUR CAR WHILE STANDING OUTSIDE OF IT, you can “operate various functions” as it “supplies you with useful information.”

Still waiting to find out if it has bulletproof windows or hidden missiles as an option, though I’m not holding onto hope.