Making An Ass Of Yourself At A Nightclub

Did He Fall Asleep?
I can almost guarantee this guy doesnt remember this happening. Hes not sober. Hes not even awake! Still, looks like someone got themselves a free lap dance!


Feeling Young Again
Youre never too old to go to the nightclub and get down, right? Wrong. But this guy is an exception. He wins the internet.

Booze Burglar
Watch out for this guy! Theres a Booze Burglar at every nightclub, and hes just waiting to steal your booze when you least expect it.

Budweiser Face So Ugly
Dude…you have to at least face her first before you go grabbing around. 20 bucks says this guy never bothered to before he decided to get all grabby.

10 at 2, 2 at 10
Sometimes you just get so drunk everyone looks the same. Of course, you might get a bit more than you bargained for once you wake up.

A Level Of Wasted Youll Never Comprehend
Do you know how wasted you have to be to make these faces? The human body shouldnt even be able to make expression like these. This is a whole new level of drunkenness.

Got Your Back Bro
Wingman of the Year ladies and gentleman. I mean…yeah, he was really into her personality, you know?

OMG Is That A Camera?!
OMFG what is that thing? Are you pointing a camera at me?! Oh my GOD!

Perfect Timing
The sheer (lack of) luck for this camera man to capture the perfect moment of this guys vomit is unreal.

Taking a Sneak Peek
Ah, well lets see here. What do we have? Oh, well thats nice, very nice. A+ if I do say so myself, yes indeed.

The Face Of A Champion
They said hed never get any. They said hed never find the one. Now he wears the face of a champion, grinding his way to glory.

Gettin Low
Damn. This is actually really impressive. She managed to pull that off without visiting a hospital? Kudos, anonymous split-legs professional, kudos.


This article was originally published in Bored Bug.