Man Calls 911 With Fake Murder Report To Get Out Of Speeding Ticket

A Florida man dialed 911 and told operators that he was witnessing a murder about to take place in a bid to get away with a speeding ticket. Julius Lupowitz, 52, called the emergency line after he was pulled over for speeding in an attempt to get the officer who was dealing with him called away to an emergency.

Police have stated that the 52-year-old dialed from his mobile phone while the police officer was turned away from his car. He told operate that: Theres definitely someone going to get shot. Please, please. Wingate and Hollywood. Please. Theres a man with a gun. I see him looking at me but I dont think he sees Im on a cell phone. I swear Im so scared I might get killed myself. Please.

This led to several police being sent to the supposed location of the murder but the officer writing out his ticket wasnt called away as he had hoped. Meanwhile, operators were able to trace the phone used and get the name of the owner, which they then announced over the police radio. This alerted the officer who realized it was the speeding driver and promptly arrested him.

As well as the speeding ticket and fine, the 52-year-old also faces a more serious felony charge that could lead to a five-year jail sentence if he is found guilty.