Man Gets Arrested For Sniffing Feet In A Library

If theres one rule above all others in the average library, its that silence is golden. Everything that splinters off from that is a result of common decency and sense unless an offender is eager to look silly. By the sound of things, though, one man didnt get the memo. Thanks to that, hes in deep with the police.

52-year-old Eddy Juan was caught sniffing the feet of women in Florida International Universitys library without a shred of subtlety, considering that photo evidence showed him crawling under tables to do it. What should have been the end of a comedy bit spiraled into something bigger, though; when confronted by police, Juan tried to escape on his scooter only to crash and become an even better candidate for arrest.

Juans story isnt exactly a conventional one, but a quick glimpse of his past helps explain what happened. As it turns out, Juan has been a registered sex offender with a rap sheet that dates back to 1992, which includes indecent exposure and lewd behavior towards a child. One can hope that hell be kept under control from here on, but until then the people of FIU can rest easy; Juan wont be making a visit again.