Man Robs Hospital Believing He Is Invisible

A man has been arrested in China after he carried out a robbery at a hospital in Changshu, Jiangsu Province. According to reports, he had committed the crime as he believed he was invisible and so would not be seen or caught by security.

Police stated that the suspect had told them that he had come to the conclusion that he was invisible after no one had seemed to notice him when he went to the hospital for a routine appointment. Instead of waiting to see his doctor, he took the opportunity to jump over the desk of the reception and rummage around a back room.

He eventually grabbed around $1,500 and tried to leave the hospital, with staff being so shocked by his brazen actions that they did not confront him. Unfortunately for the man, he was unable to leave the building with the money as police had locked the doors and promptly arrested him before he could escape.

He will now undergo a series of psychiatric tests to evaluate his mental status, as police believe that he has a history of drug abuse and may be suffering from a mental illness.